An Inspiring First Year for Roger M. Bobb and Bobbcat Films
The Birmingham Times

A year ago, Roger M. Bobb left a comfy position at Tyler Perry Studios to preside over his own production company. Since then, Bobb and his employees at Bobbcat Films have inspired the African American film industry with uplifting films, positive reality TV shows, and community-driven business ventures.

The first production Bobb undertook as president of Bobbcat Films was season two of “The Battle,” a reality show that chronicles Historically Black College and University (HBCU) marching bands. Bobb’s version of the show gives audiences an unflinching view of the work ethic and dedication band programs demand from their students.

In his next production, Bobb produced and directed the winning screenplay of GMC TV’s 2011 Faith and Family Screenplay Competition. The script, “Raising Izzie,” which would come to star Vanessa Williams (Soul Food, the TV series) and Rockmund Dunbar (The Game, TV series), is an uplifting story about two sisters and their struggle to steer clear of the foster care system.

Between these undertakings, Bobb also found time to invest in a community-driven business venture. The Green Room—brainchild of Terri J. Vaughn (The Steve Harvey Show, Meet the Browns)—is a haven for aspiring entertainers. At this coffee lounge/performance theater one can find aspiring actors and musicians networking, honing their skills before an audience, or enjoying a cup of coffee with like-minded individuals. Bobb (and several other notable figures) invested, not only in The Green Room, but in the future of African American films.

If the past is an indicator of the future, then Roger M. Bobb and his staff at Bobbcat Films will further influence African American film and culture for the better, in the years ahead.

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