Chrystale Wilson


Chrystale Wilson sizzled on our movie screens year after year in the early 2000's with scene stealing roles as the voluptuous Villain. She co-starred in (producer) Will Packer's film Trios, Pandora's Box and Locked Down, but no one can forget her breakout role in "The Players Club" as the blonde bombshell "Ronnie." Chrystale is one of the few actors who can "Make you like the villain" It's no wonder her drama teacher in college coined her "The Force" Quite "The Force" she is; Chrystale's power, strength and vigor allowed her to become the first minority woman to produce a union independent film (Groupies/2000) in Atlanta, GA, which is now an entertainment mecca. She also had the first independent urban Christmas film (The Kudzu Christmas/2001) to be sold in Wal-Mart stores nationwide. It was also the first original movie to be aired on TV1! Many attribute today's success of urban film to forces like Chrystale Wilson. Since her early success, Chrystale has proven that she has "staying power". She has gone on to thrive both in front of and behind the camera; working on projects from the BET awards, to the hit series Survivor's Remorse to Box Office hits such as Think Like a Man and Creed. She continues to impress fans every time she hits the screen whether it's as her zesty character "Aunt Elizabeth" in "The Marry Me for Christmas" franchise (Up Tv) or simply being herself in executive producer Queen Latifah's docu-series "From the Bottom Up" (BET-Centric). Having been in the entertainment industry for close to two decades, Chrystale has worked with many of the industry greats, yet she remains humble and is truly respected amongst her peers. She is a talented, witty, relatable trailblazer who raises standards and is the prototype for women in the entertainment industry. Chrystale is a charismatic host who travels the country empowering women, speaking at seminars, conferences and on panels. She often speaks on a topic that she knows so well- "Humbled but not Crumbled"; her story of overcoming adversity, never giving up, moving past hurt and smiling while doing it.


Movie Name Release Date
Merry Wish-Mas December 2, 2018